Teacher In-Service Program (TISP)

Help us support teachers teaching engineering and science–Help us mentor students.

The IEEE has developed an educational outreach program called Teacher In-Service Program (TISP). This is generally attempting to improve elementary and secondary school technical education. Among the specific objectives are:

“To enhance the level of technical literacy of pre-university educators; to encourage pre-university students to pursue technical careers, including engineering; and to increase the general level of technical literacy of pre-university students throughout their educational careers.”

More background and details are available at the IEEE – Education & Careers webpage or at the TISP Canada website http://www.ieee.ca/tisp/.

For the London Section, the co-ordinator or champion is Murray MacDonald.

In developing this program, the IEEE has developed and made available two key resources:

One key to implementing this program is a number of volunteers to take up several important roles. TISP needs volunteers for:

  1. Assisting the classroom teachers, possibly demonstrating or making a presentation.
  2. Mentoring particular school initiatives–especially if your subject expertise is a match to those needs.
  3. Implementing the Teacher In-Service work shops including assisting with the selection of projects and scheduling.
  4. Providing educational activities to related non-school organizations such as the London Children’s Museum.

If you are interested and available to be a volunteer, please contact Murray at the co-ordinates above. To assist in organizing, he has requested that volunteers provide name, contact phone and email, geographic location preference (possibly specific board or school), areas of expertise, and preference for the roles as described.

Please consider volunteering for local implementation of IEEE’s TISP initiative. This will be a very rewarding experience.