The operation of the IEEE London Section is managed by the Section Executive committee, whose members are elected or appointed every two years. The officers are elected by the membership of the Section – the remainder are appointed by the Section Chair. The significant procedures relating to Section operations are detailed in the bylaws. We are always looking for IEEE members to assist in these volunteer activities. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Section or Committee volunteer, please contact the Section Chair whose email address is provided below.

We are trying to prevent email gleaning robots from reading our email addresses, so we have adopted the use of [at] to foil them. Copy the email address into your email client and change the [at] to the normal @ symbol before sending your email to any of the people listed below.


Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. <wang[dot]xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
Past Chairs
Junior   Ahmed Refaey Hussein, Ph.D.. <ahusse7[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Senior Abdallah Shami, Ph.D <ashami2[at]uwo[dot]ca> 
Vice Chair
Murray L MacDonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Dmitri Manias <maniasdi[at]gmail[dot]com>
Allan Van Damme <vandamma[at]londonhydro[dot].com>

Committee Chairs

Awards and Recognition
Murray L MacDonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Industrial Relations
Anwar Haque, Ph.D. < ahaque32[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Membership Development
Duane Jacques, Ph.D. <duanejacques[at]gmail[dot]com>
Nominations Committee
Ahmed Refaey Hussein, Ph.D.. <ahusse7[at]uwo[dot]ca
Student Activities
Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. <wang[dot]xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
UWO Student Branch Counselor
Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. <wang[dot]xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
Fanshawe College Student Branch Counselor
Louis Jraige <ljraige[at]fanshawec[dot]ca >
Section Student Representative
Andrew Kadar Simon <akadarsi[at]uwo[dot]ca>
UWO Student Branch (General Information)
UWO Student Branch Chair
Johanna Blake <jblake42[at]uwo[dot]ca >
Fanshawe College Student Branch Chair  
Peter Irwin <p_irwin3[at]fanshaweonline[dot]ca>
STEM Outreach
Murray L Macdonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Wafaa Anani <wanani[at]ieee[dot]ca>
History Committee
Murray L MacDonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Senior Member Elevation
Ashfaq Kash Husain <a[dot]husain[at]ieee[dot]org>

Technical Society Chapters

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter Chair
Paul Charpentier <pcharpen[at]uwo[dot]ca>
EMBS Vice Chair 
Kazi Tahsin    <ktahsin[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Western EMBS Student Branch Chair
Sydney Wilson <swils226[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Power & Energy Society Chapter
Dennis Michaelson, Ph.D. (Vice-Chair) <dgm[at]uwo[dot]ca>

PES Vice Chair – vacant

Computer Society / Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Chapter
Abdallah Shami, Ph.D. (Chair) <ashami2[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Comp/SMC Chapter Vice Chair 
Cesar Gomez  <cesar-gomez[at]ieee[dot]org>
Communication / Broadcast Society Chapter
Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. (Chair) <xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
ComSoc/Broadcast Chapter Vice Chair
He (Helen) Fang  <hfang42[at]uwo[dot]ca>

Affinity Groups

Young Professionals Chair
Wudan Han <whan55[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Young Professionals Vice-Chair
Life Members Chair
Murray L Macdonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Women in Engineering (WIE) Chair
Sara Zimmo  <szimmo2[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Women in Engineering (WIE) Vice-Chair
Wafaa Anani <wanani[at]ieee[dot]ca>

IEEE Canadian Foundation

IEEE Canadian Foundation Representative
Maike Luiken, Ph.D.<maike[dot]luiken[at]ieee[dot]org>

London Section Established: October 31, 1944
Geocode: 07 05 07 00, Officer’s Terms End: 19/12
Council Affiliation: Central Canada Council