2018 Executive


Abdallah Shami, Ph.D. <ashami2[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Past Chairs
Murray L Macdonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org> (Junior Past Chair)
Weiming Shen, Ph.D. <wshen[at]ieee[dot]org> (Senior Past Chair)
Maike Luiken, Ph.D. <maike[dot]luiken[at]ieee[dot]org> (Emeritus Past Chair)
Vice Chair
Ahmed Refaey Hussein, Ph.D. <ahusse7[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Rebecca Jevnikar
Allan Van Damme <vandamma[at]londonhydro[dot].com>

Committee Chairs

Awards and Recognition
Maike Luiken <maike[dot]luiken[at]ieee[dot]org>
Industrial Relations
Kenneth Walsh < walshk[at]londonhydro[dot]com>
Membership Development
Duane Jacques <duanejacques[at]gmail[dot]com>
Nominations Committee
Weiming Shen, Ph.D. <wshen[at]ieee[dot]org>
Program Committee
Weiming Shen, Ph.D. <wshen[at]ieee[dot]org>
Student Activities
Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. <wang[dot]xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
UWO Student Branch Counselor
Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. <wang[dot]xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
Section Student Representative
Ali Abdelhamid <aabdelh6[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Past Section Student Representative
Franklin Estanol
UWO Student Branch (General Information)
UWO Student Branch Chair
Andrew Kadar Simon <akadarsi[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Past UWO Student Branch Chair
Nour Zourob
Teacher In-Service Program (TISP)
Murray L Macdonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Dennis Michaelson <dgm[at]uwo[dot]ca>
History Committee
Trevor Grant <trevor[dot]grant[at]rogers[dot]com>
Senior Member Elevation
Weiming Shen, Ph.D. <wshen[at]ieee[dot]org>
Ashfaq Kash Husain <a[dot]husain[at]ieee[dot]org>

Technical Society Chapters

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter Chair
Terence M. Peters, Ph.D. <tpeters[at]robarts[dot]ca>
Power & Energy Society Chapter
Jin Jiang, Ph.D. (Chair) <jjiang[dot]eng[dot]uwo[at]ieee[dot]ca>
Dennis Michaelson, Ph.D. (Vice-Chair) <dgm[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Computer Society / Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Chapter
Abdallah Shami, Ph.D. (Chair) <ashami2[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Hassan Hawilo (Vice-Chair)
Communication / Broadcast Society Chapter
Xianbin Wang, Ph.D. (Chair) <xianbin[at]gmail[dot]com>
Tianqi Yu (Vice-Chair)

Affinity Groups

Young Professionals (formerly GOLD) Chair
Fuad Shamieh <fshamieh[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Young Professionals (formerly GOLD) Vice-Chair
Abdallah Moubayed <amoubaye[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Life Members Chair
G.S. Peter Castle <gcastle[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Life Members Vice-Chair
Murray MacDonald <murraymacdonald[at]ieee[dot]org>
Women in Engineering (WIE) Chair
Mahsa Bataghva Shahbaz, Western University <mbataghv[at]uwo[dot]ca>
Women in Engineering (WIE) Past-Chair
Manar Jammal, Western University
Women in Engineering (WIE) Founding Chair
Elena Uchiteleva <elena.uch[at]gmail[dot]com>
Women in Engineering (WIE) Vice-Chair
Ana Luisa Trejos <atrejos[at]uwo[dot]ca>

IEEE Canadian Foundation

IEEE Canadian Foundation Representative
Maike Luiken, Ph.D.<maike[dot]luiken[at]ieee[dot]org>

London Section Established: October 31, 1944
Geocode: 07 05 07 00, Officer’s Terms End: 18/12
Council Affiliation: Central Canada Council